The Power of Art

The exhibition theme “BOUNDLESS” is also aimed to make a better future for the AIDS-impacted children through art creation that crosses different boundaries, and help them thrive with unbounded love. With this vision, Lamborghini Hong Kong and the five artists fully support Chi Heng Foundation to create memorable artworks for charity auction. All proceeds after deducting the necessary expenses will be donated to Chi Heng Foundation for providing comprehensive care on the AIDS-impacted generation in China, sponsoring and facilitating education to mitigate the financial burden as well as preventing them from dropping out from school. Your contributions will help them to be one of the future shaper.


  BY aLEX lAU 

Jing Ting


Juxtaposition No.1

  BY m.c. 

Contrapuntal No. 1

  BY m.c. 

Contrapuntal No. 2

  BY m.c. 

Contrapuntal No. 3

  BY m.c. 

Ferruccio's Dream

  BY Nelson Cabán

Forbidden Love

  BY Nelson Cabán



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